Multi-pitch Climbs in Rio

Rio de Janeiro boasts some of the best urban rock climbing in the world. Inside the city limits you can find hundreds of different climbing routes of great variety, most of them multi-pitch. If you never climbed outside the gym, we suggest taking our ”Multi-pitch intro class” before heading to a longer route.

For climbers already familiar with basic climbing procedures, such as belaying a leader, cleaning anchors and rappelling, Urca area offers many options of medium to long multi-pitch, suited for all different levels of experience. It’s the most developed climbing spot in the city , with lots of good routes concentrated in a relatively small area, very central and easily accessed by public transportation.

After a first climb at Urca we will be able to make more personalized suggestions of climbs that can suit best your skills and abilities, and help you to have the best experience when climbing in Rio.

Full day Climbing options (6 to 8 hours):

For experienced climbers that want to get as much into one day as possible. We can either climb one longer line with a more complicated approach or we can do a combination of routes on different mountains. Our biggest challenge on full day climbs is avoiding the sun at the hottest hours of the day.